Litigators Kathleen Kundar and Jami Mevorah recently escorted German lawyers and referendars to the federal and state courthouses in Manhattan to observe jury trial proceedings and a discovery conference.   U.S. District Court Judge Sidney H. Stein met with the group and commented on jury trial procedure, burdens of proof and objections to evidence.  The day concluded with a comparative law discussion.

While visiting the New York Supreme Court, the group admired the beautiful rotunda painted in the 1930’s by the Italian artist Attilio Pusterla entitled Law Through the Ages.  It is divided into six sections each depicting a pair of figures from historical cultures important to the history of law:  Assyrian and Egyptian, Hebraic and Persian, Greek and Roman, Byzantine and Frankish, English, and American colonial, with the final section portraying George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Click the picture below to see the detail and vibrant color of the rotunda.