The international law firm of Fox Horan & Camerini LLP, located in New York City, develops close ties with its clients by guiding them with discretion and insight through complex, often multinational legal matters.

Our clients

The firm represents public and private companies and high-net-worth individuals on legal matters in the United States and abroad. Its clients include closely-held multinational and state-owned enterprises, international entrepreneurs and a broad spectrum of manufacturing, financial and service businesses. The firm also represents families that control global businesses and assets, in both their corporate and personal interests. Many of our clients are based outside of the United States, and have come to trust our ability to act on their behalf on a worldwide, general counsel basis. This ability is part of what makes the firm unique.

Our lawyers

The firm’s lawyers are both U.S. and internationally trained in a variety of disciplines. By applying their knowledge of U.S. and foreign legal procedures, principles and business customs including those involving civil law, they are equipped to function for both U.S. and foreign clients engaging in cross-border transactions. Most of the firm’s attorneys are bilingual, enabling clients to benefit from our ability to draft, negotiate and litigate in several languages, including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese and Italian. The firm’s ability to effectively represent clients worldwide is enhanced by its comprehensive network of foreign lawyers and international business contacts, without the need for costly foreign branch offices.


Since its founding in 1968, the firm has conducted apprenticeship program for foreign lawyers who have completed a year of Academic training in the common law system of jurisprudence. After it became possible, through efforts of the organized bar in which the firm participated, for foreign individuals to become qualified in New York as foreign legal counsel or, after passing the bar examination, to become members of the New York bar, many graduates of the firm’s apprenticeship program have become so qualified before returning to their home countries. To date scores of foreign lawyers have participated in this program. Many of them continue to work with us and many return to participate in the firm’s periodic reunions.

Our philosophy

In keeping with its philosophy of building close client relationships, the firm has chosen to limit its size to avoid becoming institutional. However, the firm’s extensive, highly specialized experience in international business enables the firm to compete with any law firm in the United States and abroad in its practice areas and indeed to excel in transnational transactions. Our focus is on excellent service with lean staffing to control client costs.

Clients who refer friends, colleagues or business associates to the firm say that they appreciate three qualities in our work for them:

Wealth of experience, diversity of training, professional linguistic ability and commitment efficiently to respond to needs of decision-makers worldwide make Fox Horan & Camerini LLP counselors of choice to select U.S. and international clients.