Jeffrey M. Greilsheimer


Born and raised in Manhattan, Jeffrey M. Greilsheimer has been a civil litigator in New York since 1997 and leads Fox Horan & Camerini LLP’s litigation practice.  He has represented public companies, private individuals and small businesses in a wide variety of complex domestic and international commercial litigation matters, including multi-national contract disputes, defending clients in securities fraud cases, government investigations, licensing disputes, complex contractual disputes, cases involving allegations of fraud, malpractice, breach of duty, “book-cooking,” and insolvency matters.  Mr. Greilsheimer has tried multiple matters through to judgment before courts and arbitral panels in the United States on behalf of clients located in Latin America.

A significant part of Mr. Greilsheimer’s practice has involved cross border dispute resolution.  Mr. Greilsheimer regularly represents clients from Latin America in commercial litigation and arbitration in United States proceedings.  He has represented clients in matters involving contested ownership of television and radio stations, Mobile Virtual Network Operator (telecommunications) in contract disputes with suppliers, employment disputes, international franchise disputes, real estate and other contract disputes.

Following the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Mr. Greilsheimer represented the Securities Investor Protection Act Trustee for the Liquidation of Lehman Brothers Inc. Mr. Greilsheimer led the Trustee’s team in resolving more than $20 billion of claims between LBI and its former foreign affiliates based in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.  His work resulted in the collection and repatriation of more than $500 million in assets and a reduction of foreign affiliate claims against LBI by more than $18 billion.  In addition, Mr. Greilsheimer played an instrumental role in resolving the more than $40 billion dispute between LBI and its former parent, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. Mr. Greilsheimer’s work was essential in enabling the LBI Trustee to make 100% distributions to LBI’s customers and to make distributions that far exceeded initial expectations to LBI’s general creditors.

Mr. Greilsheimer has extensive experience in representing foreign and domestic accounting firms and their employees in civil litigation and in regulatory investigations and enforcement actions brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Mr. Greilsheimer’s representation of accounting firms has involved issues ranging from the fraud at Adelphia Communications Inc., the collapses of the Lipper and Lancer fund families arising from the overvaluing of certain portfolio assets, the SEC’s investigation of a business development company’s pricing of certain illiquid assets, the adequacy of actuarially determined insurance reserves, the SEC’s investigation of an energy company’s tax accounting, the collapse of the Icelandic banking industry and the SEC’s investigation of the REIT’s accounting for the development and operation of shopping centers.

Mr. Greilsheimer is active in his community serving as a director of the Town of North Hempstead Community Development Agency since 2011 and recently taking on the duties as Chairman.  The Community Development Agency is tasked with bringing urban renewal projects and anti-poverty programs to fruition on the North Shore of Long Island.  He also has served as a trustee of the Community Synagogue of Sands Point in Sands Point, New York.

Mr. Greilsheimer received his A.B. from Dartmouth College in 1994 and his J.D. from Fordham University in 1997.  Mr. Greilsheimer served as the Senior Notes and Comments Editor at the Fordham Finance, Securities and Tax Law Forum and won the Benjamin Finkel Prize for academic achievement in the field of Bankruptcy Law.

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