Government Relations

Our clients often need assistance with federal executive branch decision-making and with legislation and appropriations by Congress. The firm’s attorneys have extensive experience in developing and implementing strategies to achieve our clients’ goals in matters involving national defense, homeland security, nuclear energy, justice, environmental compliance and international trade. Drawing upon service in senior and responsible positions within the government, they also assist clients in bidding for, negotiating and performing government contracts (including compliance with Buy America requirements); resolving disputes that may arise in connection with those contracts; and contractor suspension and debarment investigations, proceedings and ethics compliance agreements.

Where foreign interests seek to invest in or acquire United States companies performing work that involves national security, our attorneys provide advice on compliance with the requirements of the National Industrial Security Program and the Exon-Florio provisions implemented by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.

The firm brings similar skills to bear in representing United States and foreign clients with respect to procurements, privatizations and other forms of contracts by foreign governments, and in representing the interests of foreign governments in the United States.On the state and local levels, we actively participate in procurement, executive and legislative proceedings.

Professional organizations are another forum in which our attorneys help to shape public consideration of significant policy issues. Our attorneys are regularly called upon to serve in leadership positions in committees of national, state and city bar associations, foreign relations councils, organizations of business executives and international chambers of commerce. On a pro bono basis, they have conducted missions and written reports on the judicial systems of foreign countries; reviewed the legality of a CIA special acquisition program; written and lectured on cross-border transactions, investments, compliance with arms control regulations, rules against money laundering and the rights of artists; and joined in managing the affairs of organizations devoted to international refugee assistance and theater instruction for underprivileged teenagers.