Donald T. Fox

Of counsel

Mr. Fox was a litigator in a large Wall Street law firm.  After founding the firm in 1968, his practice expanded to the representation of foreign firms exporting, licensing technology, and acquiring businesses in the United States, as well as advising American companies doing business abroad.

Mr. Fox was a litigator in a large Wall Street law firm when the establishment of the European Economic Community caused U.S. corporations to think about acquiring a European foothold to avoid potential trade barriers.

On the basis of his two law degrees from the University of Paris and familiarity with local customs, he was assigned to represent U.S. clients in the acquisition of European companies and the financing of foreign projects. Since he also spoke Spanish, which was not at the time common among New York lawyers, he began to represent U.S. companies in Latin America.

After founding the firm in 1968, his practice expanded to the representation of foreign firms exporting, licensing technology, and acquiring businesses in the United States, as well as advising American companies doing business abroad.

Mr. Fox taught comparative law at New York University Law School and for ten years served on its Board of Trustees, with oversight responsibility for the foreign law institutes. As Chairman of the American Association for the International Commission of Jurists, he has conducted missions and written reports on the judicial systems of foreign countries, from Hungary to Colombia. He is a life trustee of the American Bar Foundation, a sustaining life member of the American Law Institute and a member of many organizations involved in foreign affairs, including the Council on Foreign Relations, the Council of the Americas, and the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce. He has chaired committees of the Association of the Bar of New York City, including the Finance Committee, the Committee on Professional Responsibility, and the Committee on the Lawyers’ role in the Search for Peace. This experience, together with two terms as President of the New York University Law Alumni Association and as President of the University’s federation of alumni associations, has provided a good knowledge of local conditions in New York City.

Mr. Fox has represented leading corporations in diverse geographical regions, including:

  • Brazil:  Globalstar do Brasil, Finacorp Brasil, BRAEMP, Petrobras
  • France:  ANF Industrie, Usinor, Onduline, S.A., Michelin, Entreprise Gagneraud, père et fils, Total Energie, Petrofina
  • Germany:  Bank fur Gemeinwirtschaft
  • Switzerland:  Julius Baer Group AG, Darier, Hentsch & Cie.
  • Italy:  Comus S.p.A. – Bontempi, Illycaffe S.p.A.
  • Japan:  Nippon Steel, Auburn Steel, Ataka Trading Co.
  • Mexico:  Minera Mexico
  • U.S.:  Nabisco, International Telephone & Telegraph, Becton Dickinson, General Mills
  • Nicaragua: Mercon Coffee Group 
  • Sulphur Export Corporation
Education: Harvard University: National Scholar, A.B. magna cum laude, 1951; NYU Law School: Root-Tilden scholar, Note Editor, Law Review, LL.B. 1956. Ford Foundation Scholar in Roman and Civil Law, 1956; Instructor, Institute of Comparative Law 1957-59, Panel of Advisors, Journal of International Law and Politics, 1968-99; Albert Gallatin Fellow, 1978, University of Paris: Fulbright Scholar, Brevet de Traduction et de Terminologie Juridiques 1957, Diplôme de Droit Comparé, 1961.

Bar Admission: New York, 1957; D.C. 1968

Court Admissions: U.S. District Court (S.D.N.Y. and E.D.N.Y.) 1960, U.S. Court of Appeals (2nd cir.) 1960, U.S. Tax Court 1973; U.S. Court of Claims, 1980

Military Experience: Cadet Commanding Officer, Harvard R.O.T.C. Battalion 1950; 2d Lt-1st Lt, U.S.A.F. 1951-53.

Public Service Organizations: Palazzo Te, Mantova, Italy, Committee of Honor, Giulio Romano Exhibition, 1989. Humanitarian Foundation for Nicaragua, 1991-6. N.Y.U. Law Alumni Association, President 1971-3. Alumni Federation, N.Y.U. President 1983-5. United States Institute of Peace, Project on Constitution Making, Peace Building, and National Reconciliation, 2008-10. Council on Foreign Relations, Elected Member, 1973 to date; INCAE, Central American Graduate School of Business Administration, President’s Advisory Council 2011 to date. Save Venice, Inc., Board of Directors and Chairman, Legal Committee, 2000-2010. American-Swiss Foundation, Board of Directors 2010-2014; Association Parque de Cristo (Monaco) President du Conseil d’Administration 2012 to date. Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Committee on History and Theory 1990-1995. Washington Square Legal Services, Inc. 1974-85. Trustee, N.Y.U. Law Center Foundation 1975-86.

Professional Organizations: American Law Institute, Life member; American Bar Foundation, Life Fellow; American Association, International Commission of Jurists, Executive Committee, Board of Directors 1970 to date, Chairman 1991 to date; Association of the Bar of the City of New York: Chairman, Committee on Lawyers Role in the Search for Peace 1969-71, Chairman, Committee on Audit 1978-80, Treasurer, 1982-84, Chairman, Committee on Professional Responsibility 1971-74, Chairman Finance Committee 1982-84.

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